Distance Gala 2018

Published: Friday, March 23, 2018

PLEASE NOTE - LISA ROBINSON has now taken on the role as Competition Secretary. Please note change of contact details, and please give Lisa your full support in this role.

We are holding our Distance Gala over the weekend of 5th and 6th May 2018 at Leyland Leisure Centre. This gala is licensed at Level 4. This allows swimmers times to be placed onto the British Swimming Rankings system and used to enter Level 3 open meets and County Championships. The gala gives an opportunity for swimmers to gain times in 200m (all strokes), 400m (IM and freestyle) and 800m and 1500m in freestyle, depending on the swimmers age.

The gala will be swum under Swim England Laws and Technical Rules. Medals will be awarded for the first three positions in each age group in each discipline. All starts will be from the deep end of the pool.

It is the swimmers responsibility to report to the competitor steward when the event is called. All events will be heat declared winner (HDW)

Swimmers wanting to compete at County and North Lancashire levels will need to enter this gala.

The entry conditions for this gala are:

  • Entrants must be members of the club and have no outstanding fees
  • All entrants must be 9 years or older on 31st December 2018
  • 400m Freestyle is for swimmers aged 10 and over only
  • 400m IM, 800m (girls) and 1500m (boys) are for swimmers aged 11 and over only
  • Entries are subject to acceptance by the Chief Coach and/or Competition Secretary. A swimmer will be refused entry to an event if they have not passed the assessment for the relevant stroke.
  • The promoter reserves the right to restrict entries in the interests of safety, time constraints and to ensure the smooth running of the competition. Events chosen for restriction will be at the discretion of the promoter. An alternative event or refund will be issued to competitors whose entry is denied where this condition has been exercised

Entry Fee £3.00 per event. No refunds once entry received

CLOSING DATE: 18:00 – Sunday 22nd April 2018

Entries should be made via the electronic entry system. This significantly reduces the administration time for competition organizers, so its use is encouraged whenever possible. Completion of all fields, including the swimmer’s Swim England (formerly ASA) number and full date of birth, is essential. If these are not completed, then the swimmer’s results may not be loaded to the Swim England website, and future eligibility for entry to external competitions may therefore be affected.

Please ensure that the swimmers name is clearly shown on all entry forms and on the reverse of any cheques.

For anyone who cannot access the system, or who experiences technical issues, a paper entry system is also available via the form below.

Please note that for the entry to be valid, the entry forms (electronic or paper) still need to be completed and handed in with the appropriate entry fee before the closing date, to the competition secretary or any committee member.


NB: For online entries, if there is no access to a printer, it is only necessary to hand in the payment with a note of the swimmer’s name and to confirm that the entry has been made online.

There are no exceptions for late entry.

Withdrawals MUST follow the procedure outlines in the general gala rules and can only be made through Lisa Robinson on 07988 907639 (preferably by text) at any time up to 1 hour before the start of the session. Withdrawals via anyone else are not valid.

Warm up will be 3:30 pm on Saturday and 3:00 pm on Sunday. Swimmers will be allowed to register 30 minutes before warm up, and should be on poolside 5 minutes before warm up begins.

Parents please note: On the day of the gala, there will be an admission charge to spectate. The club does not attempt to make a profit from galas but does try to break even.

Any queries,please contact Lisa Robinson (Competition Secretary) on the above number.